Levi Strauss & Co. case study

How ThirdChannel Helped Levi’s Eliminate 60,000 Minutes of Manual Work

Despite its standing as one of the leaders in American clothing, Levi Strauss & Co. had a time management problem throughout its brick-and-mortar locations that prevented District Managers from performing necessary safety checks. Given the number of locations and overall workload, these safety checks often got neglected.

Levi’s needed a multifaceted partner; one that could rid the District Managers of some of their responsibilities while also providing data-tracking capabilities to ensure safe operations. Download now to find out. 

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ThirdChannel offers reliable information on what is happening in each market - more accurate and real-time reporting systems with live feeds and reporting generated instantly.

Director of Sales

It’s incredibly challenging to get the assortment right in the door, then to have the right marketing materials to support the sell-through at scale, in so many different sports verticals, and get it into all the doors at scale in under 30 days.

Key Account Manager

Nobody brought the digital platform that ThirdChannel brought and nobody let us be part of the hiring process of the Brand Representatives like ThirdChannel does.

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