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Retail Reinvented: How Innovation is Redefining Customer Experience

Retail innovation is all about breathing new life into the shopping experience. Just as a talented musician can reinvent an old classic, innovative retailers are turning to things like experiential retail, shoppable social media posts, and live chat to captivate their customers.

But how do you know which strategies are right for your brand? And once you've found the right approach, how can you effectively implement it?

Download this guide to find out how leading retailers are using innovation to rekindle their customers' love for shopping, and how you can, too.


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Director of Sales

It’s incredibly challenging to get the assortment right in the door, then to have the right marketing materials to support the sell-through at scale, in so many different sports verticals, and get it into all the doors at scale in under 30 days.

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Nobody brought the digital platform that ThirdChannel brought and nobody let us be part of the hiring process of the Brand Representatives like ThirdChannel does.

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