Let's rebuild customer and employee confidence, together.

Your stores are reopening - or maybe they've been open throughout the coronavirus outbreak. Either way, to thrive in this new environment you need to accomplish two things:

  • Re-build trust with your customers that it’s safe to shop in your stores
  • Mitigate health risks for both shoppers and workers in your store environment.

Faced with the challenges of adopting CDC guidelines in real-time and quantifying compliance with new safety measures, your ability to manage it all successfully is  probably encumbered by executing from your in-home, remote workplace. How will you win the COVID-19 retail battle?

ThirdChannel can help you and your teams get everything accomplished while rebuilding confidence with customers. And you may not know it, but it's likely we've been at work in your stores for years already. 

ThirdChannel - COVID Safety Audit - v12 - Final

Real-time safety compliance and consumer confidence Covid Preparednessreporting. Local expertise, nationwide coverage. Built with CDC and OSHA guidance.

There is a need, now more than ever, to have detailed store-level visibility to support rapid deployments, determine overall store health and respond to safety and consumer feedback data gathered on the ground in stores. ThirdChannel's powerful, real-time solution gives you these capabilities and more to help teams weather COVID-19's impact on retail.

ThirdChannel's state-of-store audit allows you to SCORE EACH STORE and respond to gaps in safety measures and operational changes.  Each successful measure is crucial to establishing short and long-term advances. With ThirdChannel, assess and monitor:

healthcare-and-medical Customer safety measures such as the pace of store traffic, social distancing via floor guides and dividers, use of face protection, touchless payment options, and availability of sanitizing stations for disinfecting hands

face-mask (1) Employee safety measures including posted fact sheets and training materials, methods to reduce face-to-face contact, and separating any employees that may be sick  

hand-wash  Sanitization procedures for frequently touched surfaces including cart wipe downs, routine cleaning of products, displays and checkout areas, and maintenance of fitting rooms and restrooms 

chat  Discovery of new local and state-based public health requirements and tracking the rate of implementation within your locations

If you are facing staffing shortages and coverage challenges, ThirdChannel offers you access to a network of premium store representatives who have 5+ years of retail experience and have been certified to engage with shoppers in your stores.  Visibly marked as a go-to resource, "CertSafe" representatives convey essential information to  build trust with customers. Some of their responsibilities can include: 

conversation  Describing what measures have been put in place to support their safety while shopping 

one-way  Pacing volume of traffic entering each store 

distance  Reminding shoppers to socially distance and enforcing one-way journey paths

roll  Explaining and enforcing quantity limits on high-demand items 

glove Dispensing support materials such as pamphlets, masks, gloves and hand sanitizers and posting policy signage

temperature  Offering services such as taking customer and associate temperatures 

calendar  Enforcing dedicated shopping hours for more vulnerable customers and supporting contact-less pickup options

Equipped with ThirdChannel mobile technology, CertSafe representatives report issues to your team in real-time so that you can respond quickly.

Feedback from customers and store associates is crucial to long-term store success. Access CertSafe representatives to safely collect feedback at the point-of-sale from customers.

The Consumer feedback survey and reporting module delivers instant feedback to your dashboard on consumers' perceptions of safety, and likelihood to return to the store in the future.  Filter results to drill down into geographic and demographic segments.

We know right now that safety measures are you and your team's top priority for in-store. But we know that you may uncover different challenges as longer term plans develop and you may benefit from ThirdChannel's standard offerings. 

You may want to tap into ThirdChannel's network of 150,000 skilled brand representatives nationwide and/or use our software platform within your existing field team to support:

survey_1  Inventory processing support 

inventory-management  Stock management 

bag  Merchandising 

buy  Buy online pick-up in store order management 

associate-education  Store associate education 

music-shop  Display set-up and organization 

You can check out more at https://www.thirdchannel.com/solutions