Back to School Guide_above_foldAre you ready for the back-to-school season? 

The $83.6 billion back-to-school market is a potentially high-value time for consumer brands, but they can’t simply rely on regular operations to get by. Shoppers need a seamless in-store experience during this stressful time. To capitalize on the back-to-school opportunity, brands need to have stores displays in great shape by August.

The good news? There are actionable ways to make an impact, quickly. Field teams provide insight into in-store activity and help brands educate overwhelmed shoppers, and retail data intelligence gives brands the insight they need to make the smartest in-store decisions.

Download our guide "The 3-Week Back-to-School Game Plan For Consumer Brands" to learn:

  • The three steps consumer brands can take to get ready for the back-to-school shopping season
  • How consumer brands can make the most of their data and resources, by investing in retail data intelligence
  • Examples from top brands that saw major improvements in sales after taking smarter, more targeted actions

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